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GRID BALANCER or Mission „Smart Battery“

GRID BALANCER or Mission „Smart Battery“

How do I connect to RocketChat?

To connect to a RocketChat server through a web browser, enter the desired server address in the browser's address bar such as Step 01 Via Mail:  Step 02 Step 03 Step 04 Please wait until an Administrator...

How do I connect to Bitwarden?

We are using Bitwarden/Vaultwarden to manage, share and save the passwords and acounts for secure logins.   Step 01 1. open invitation Mail, this process will only work if you already have this mail. Pleas check the Spam folder first and ask xyz@eazy....

How do I use Bitwarden desktop?

You need to have your verified account. Learn here how to do it: Step 01 Download Bitwarden for your desktop PC: Follow the ...

China’s top priorities


1. Step here -> Registration for XOLO

For immediately billing: Xolo REF ZEY Xolo REF TOR Xolo REF THO Xolo is all for solos Compliance, taxation, invoicing and admin solutions for fiercely independent solopreneurs across the globe. We do not provide any advisory service herewith - we e...

Pitchdesk - Sample 2022

1. STRUCTURE• Cover• Problem• Solution• Product Demo• Market Size• Business Model• Competition• Underlying Magic• Go-to Market• Team• Traction / Milestones• Fundraising Information Problem• No complicated jargon• No debatable arguments• 100% straightforward v...

Dynamic working methods

Agile Führung: YouTubePink University GmbHDas ist Agilität - in 3 Minuten erklärt  und warum Agile Führung machmal nicht funktioniert: YouTubeBoris GrundlD...

TERA CI and Logo

Link (öffentlich) für PDF Logo TERA : CLICK HERE Link (intern) alle Logos / CI : CLICK HERE  

Gebrauchte Module


PV-MAGAZIN: Maerz2021 Rinovasol

Solarindustrie - deutsche und europäische Abhängigkeiten von Rohstoffen und Lieferketten.


Sage und schreibe viermal so viel Sonnenstrom wie heute – das will die Bundesregierung bis 2030 erreichen. Doch woher sollen die ganzen Solarzellen kommen? Aus Deutschland wohl eher nicht. Dabei war die hiesige Industrie einmal weltweit führend. Anfang der 201...

The story (Master)

Intelligent power acquisition & distribution Most energy installations are traditionally based on long-term fixed prices from a single energy provider. However, the energy market is constantly fluctuating and the prices per kWh are varying depending on multip...